Traditional Walking Stick Makers Based in Dorset

Get Your Own Bespoke Walking Stick

Each stick we craft is completely unique, so you’re guaranteed to get a one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted walking stick. Discover all of the possible uses for our beautifully crafted sticks by contacting our team and purchasing yours today!

Current Sticks for Sale

Hand Crafted Ramshorn Walking Sticks

Each ramshorn walking stick we craft is is tailored to you. Contact us to discuss your requirements including choice of wood and design options.

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About Dorset Sticks

Here at Dorset Sticks, based in Poole, Dorset, we are specialist stick dressers who craft stunning sticks for people from all walks of life. We make our walking sticks using age-old methods, before varnishing them and crafting a handle to complete the product. Our traditionally made sticks are sold all over the country, and are available to collectors and users from across the globe. When you purchase one of our sticks, you are guaranteed to receive value for money and a high-quality product.

GET IN TOUCH with us to speak to our Walking Stick Makers about our walking sticks and Shepherd's Crooks.