Handmade Walking Sticks and Shepherd’s Crooks

Wooden walking stick from our collection. Here at Dorset Sticks, based in Poole, we design quality, multipurpose sticks that are used for all kinds of activities and professions, including shepherd’s crooks. We use hazel, sweet chestnut, holly, and, if available, blackthorn for our shanks, which makes our sticks strong and long-lasting.

Rams horn walker a really nice walker 48inches in length on a clean hazel shank a great fiinish £195 includes postage ferule fitted after sales

new for 2023 Antler Carved as Fish gret for Hill Walking or just for taking the dog for a walker on a nice hazel shank £80.00 includes postage

A lovely Rams horn crook style Walker No: 1/2020

A lovely Rams horn crook style Walker 48 inches tall
a super mottled shank with slopping joint to handle
A lovely stick great companion for those long country walks .
£185.00 inc postage & packing UK mainland all sticks can be cut
to size brass ferrule fitted.

A full crook in Jacobs horn No: 2/2020

A full crook in Jacobs horn
or similar height 52 inches
A lovely mottled shank with a slopping joint to handle
A comfortable stick £235.00
Inc postage and packing UK
Mainland other areas please
Check with me

A rams horn handle in a pheasant design No: 3/2020

A rams horn handle in a pheasant design
On a dog rose shank 53 inches
A nice comfortable stick
£175.00 inc postage and packing UK Mainland elsewhere
Please enquire

A high quality crook style walker No: 4/2020

A high quality crook style walker
A nice rams horn handle
On a lovely mottled hazel shank
47 inches tall with a sloping joint to handle £180.00 inc
Postage and packing.

 A rams horn handle made as a Trout No: 5/2020

A rams horn handle made as a
On a light weight mottled shank
Still strong 49inches tall
£180.00 inc postage &packing
Mainland UK Any other area
Please contact

A full crook Jacobs horn No: 6/2020

A full crook Jacobs horn
On a lovely hazel shank 51 1/2
Inches tall all shanks can be cut
And a brass ferrule fitted
£220.00 inc post a packing
UK mainland any other pleas contact

Walking Sticks

A Carefully Designed Product

Our country walking sticks are dressed in a traditional fashion, with many still having the bark on. We craft walking stick handles from a variety of materials including cow horn, wood, antler and rams horn. After that they are then varnished.  No two of our walking sticks are the same, with each taking around 15 hours to dress completely. They are designed to last a lifetime, provided they are looked after.

Ideal for Anyone

Ideal for Anyone

Here at Dorset Sticks, we have found that our walking sticks are purchased by a broad range of people including walkers, farmers, gamekeepers, shooters, shepherds and collectors. This is indicative of their aesthetic beauty, as well as their durability, which allows them to be used  on difficult terrain.

Current Walking Sticks & Shepherd's Crooks for Sale

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